COURSE: C308: The Beauty of the Edge (On-Demand)

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Learn the correct methods for creating the tremendous visual and functional applications of water-in-transit such as vanishing edges, deck-level slot overflows, and elevated perimeter overflows. Understand flow rate requirements and different edge details for creating various effects, and their relationship to edge tolerances and special conditions, establishing line-of-sight goals and project objectives. Presentation will also cover hydraulic system design criteria, catch basin dimensions, surge tank sizing, proper slopes, and air venting of gravity flow systems to enable efficient flow rates while minimizing noise. Learning Objectives: Identify vanishing edges, slot-edges, gutters, deck- level pools, raised perimeter-overflow pools. Examine attached surge basins, detached surge basins, basin volume sizing rules-of-thumb, gravity lines. Review line-of-sight considerations, edge details, flow rates, and tolerances. Discuss aesthetic and functional considerations. Instructor: Skip Phillips, SWD Master