How to Increase Revenue Per Square Foot

How to Increase Revenue Per Square Foot


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Title: How to Increase Revenue Per Square Foot

Date: 10/16/2024

Time: 12:00 PM EST

Speaker (s): Mario Maichel Sr.,  Alicia Stephens and Shawna Mesher


Course description

You pay for every square foot of your showroom and you expect a return on that investment. But have you ever thought about the EXPERIENCE per square foot?  Showroom layout affects how shoppers engage with your products. It influences what they notice, what you sell, what you add on. It may even mean leaving some space open so shoppers can stand back and appreciate everything else. Join PHTA for a panel discussion with showroom and square foot ROI subject matter experts from LOU, Watkins Manufacturing, and Biolab.


Learning objectives:

  • Discuss how to calculate revenue per square foot, frequency of review, and how to assess the viability of a new retail store investment.
  • Discuss how to use the ALEX machine to promote suggestive selling and automated emails to encourage customers to return to the store and make purchases.
  • Provide an overview of autoship/home delivery for their cartridges and explain how recurring revenue can help increase revenue per square foot through customer experience enhancements.

Speaker Bios:

Mario Maichel is a Senior Manager at Watkins Wellness with more than 25 years of experience in the backyard wellness space. Known for blending aesthetics with functionality, Mario is passionate about store design and delivering unique, authentic retail experiences. 

From hot tub expos in parking lots to high-end boutiques, state fair booths to multi-national businesses, he has navigated the diverse retail landscape, always seeking innovative ways to enhance the customer experience. Mario is deeply connected to the business culture that fuels the backyard retail ecosystem. He understands the pulse of local markets and recognizes that success lies in fostering authentic relationships between the community, customers, and employees. 

A change agent at his core, Mario’s practical, real-world insights, strategic thinking, and innovative ideas made him a founder of the Retail Performance Optimization program at Watkins, which has transformed retail experiences worldwide for 8 years. 

In the ever-evolving world of retail, Mario Maichel thrives, remaining one step ahead of the trends and helping retailers stay resilient and adaptable as they deliver unparalleled backyard wellness solutions. 


Alicia Stephens is the Director of Training and Education for Biolab, Inc and leads all education and training initiatives for the Biolab Pro Dealer division.  As a 24-year veteran of the industry, Alicia started her career in technical and product support, and built on that experience to focus her efforts on the education and training of both internal and external employees.  You may have read one of the many articles Alicia has published or attended one of her talks at an industry event. 


Shawna Mesher is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Evosus/LOU. With a career spanning over a decade in the pool & hot tub industry, she specializes in developing long-term relationships built on transparency, integrity, and a deep understanding of retailers' needs. Currently spearheading the sales and marketing strategy at Evosus, she combines industry expertise with a vision for the future of software so retailers have the tools they need to streamline and grow their businesses. She has a passion for sales and is dedicated to helping small/mid size businesses scale and increase revenue.