Shower Before Swimming On Demand

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Summary We often see signs at swimming pools telling us to shower before entering the pool. But too often, this practice is ignored by swimmers, and rarely enforced by staff. With aging physical infrastructure and a high bather load, a swimming pool can be a toxic environment for pool users - from varsity swimmers to lifeguards. This session will review the facts about the link between showering, water quality, and air quality. Attendees will discuss a comprehensive educational campaign used by one facility to shift perspectives and get community buy-in. By getting swimmers to shower and, in turn, improving water and air quality, we can create a healthier environment for the whole community - from lifeguards, to swimmers, to spectators, to other staff. Learning Objectives: • Examine a stronger understanding of water chemistry • Discuss educating the public and stakeholders about showering • Approaching a problem from a multisectoral perspective • Recognize the fundamentals of health and safety of water and air quality Presenter Bio: Mary F. Ostrowski, M.S., has been employed by the American Chemistry Council since 2000. She works to promote the safe and appropriate use of chlorine-based sanitizers and disinfectants for public health. Organizations with which she works collaboratively include the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, the National Environmental Health Association, state and local departments of health, and non-profit organizations promoting safely chlorinated drinking water in developing countries.