Natural Swimming Pools - A Nature-based solution to Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools - A Nature-based solution to Swimming Pools


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Date: 11/6/2024

Time: 12:00 EST

Title: Natural Swimming Pools– a Nature-based solution to Swimming Pools

Speaker: Allan Schnaak


Course Description:

Attendees to this course will be shown, how all types and methods of construction can be employed in construction of an NSP and depending on the “look” the client is wanting to achieve, the NSP can look just like a regular pool or can be designed with the aesthetic look of a pond with flourishing aquatic plants. The business opportunity is bright for Pool Builders, Landscape architects and designers that embrace an understanding of NSPs. With more clients seeking environmentally sustainable options to support their green-living lifestyle, NSPs provide a means to address the outdoor living spaces needs of this expanding demographic. Attendees will be provided information to assist in estimating NSP projects and the costs associated with building different sizes and types of NSPs. Bottom line, a professionally designed and properly equipped NSP will cost slightly more to install than a chemically treated pool of the same size, but value these environments create is immeasurable. This course will provide the attendees with the information THEY need to know for planning and integrating a natural swimming pond or natural swimming pool into their client’s project.


Learning Objectives:

•  Learn the History and Functional Components of a Natural Swimming Pool

•  Understand the Flexibility of NSP Design, Engineering, and Construction for Residential and

Public / Commercial Pools

•  Acquire Knowledge of the Basis and Optimization of Biological Filtration

•  Become Informed of Microbiological Standards and Historical Safety of NSPs

•  Appreciate the Advantages of Eliminating Use of Chlorine and Associated Chemicals


Allen Schnaak Bio:

My personal and professional life have revolved around water and the outdoors. Over 56 years ago, at the age of 12, I got my first job maintaining a neighborhood swimming pool in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. I taught swimming lessons, water safety, attained SCUBA certification, and enjoyed hiking, camping and exploring the outdoors. While in college I studied marine biology and limnology, but since Jacques Cousteau had the job I wanted, my career evolved around the swimming pool industry. For 30 years I was responsible for sales, training, and marketing swimming pool chemicals with Biolab, Inc., but now, as a co-owner of BioNova, my life and career has come full circle to apply the techniques of swimming pool design and operation with the science of biological filtration in Natural Swimming Pools.

A major challenge we face in the US is that the swimming pool industry was borne in a “chemical maintenance” business environment, and I represent the ASPNSP and BioNova in an effort to educate the use of biological filtration as a viable option to support a “Nature-based solution” for both Public and Private natural swimming pools. I am encouraged that there is a rising level of support for environmentally sustainable practices and I’m passionate in promoting responsible stewardship of our natural resources.