GENESIS E106: Hire an Engineer Without Remorse

GENESIS E106: Hire an Engineer Without Remorse


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Title: GENESIS E106: Hiring an Engineer Without Remorse

Speaker: Terry Brannon, PE - GENESIS Faculty Chair for Engineering

Date: June 12

Time: 12PM Eastern


 Course Description:                     

Not every backyard swimming pool and spa project needs the attention of an engineer but occasionally a builder finds himself over his head with soil foundation issues, cantilevered structures, pier supported pools, deep fills, adjacent structures, complex hydraulics, logistical issues such as remote access, elevated pool structures, and other, more complicated issues. This brief 1-hour seminar takes students through the ins and outs of hiring a consulting engineer to assist with swimming pool and spa design. Items discussed will include the qualifications a pool professional should look for in an engineer, the types of engineers and firms that routinely take on swimming pool engagements, fee structures, professional liability insurance and division of responsibility.  And finally, we will discuss training your engineer for your individual type of pool work and building relationships for the long-term.


  • To develop for the student a personal criterion for when an engineer is necessary and when one is not.
  • To investigate the process of finding and vetting engineering professionals on the basis of their experience and qualifications.
  • To prepare builders to discuss contractual arrangements and fees with engineers.
  • To enable builders to create a plan for building a relationship with an engineer or firm by cooperative training specifically in the types and locations in which the builder specializes.


Calvin Terry Brannon is a graduate engineer licensed first in Texas in 1976 and is currently licensed as a professional engineer in close to two dozen states. He founded his consulting firm in 1977 which he then sold to his employees before his retirement in 2021. He has engineered a $40 million water park as well as $50,000 splash pads and hundreds of smaller pools and spas. In retirement, Terry heads up the engineering faculty for Genesis, the educational arm of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, and writes curricula for PHTA.