Dynamics of Indoor Air Quality in Indoor Pool Facilities On Demand

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Summary Indoor air quality (IAQ) in indoor pools is known to be affected by water quality, circulation of water in the pool, the design and operation of the HVAC system, and bather load. In this session, attendees will examine the project, review field experiments conducted to quantify IAQ dynamics in several indoor pool facilities and discuss the mathematical model developed to simulate IAQ dynamics. Blatchley will explain how the model can be used to predict the effects of changes to system behavior, including changes to water treatment that affect water quality, as well as changes to HVAC system operation. Learning Objectives: • Examine factors that affect indoor air quality (IAQ) in pools • Identify the modeling approach to simulate IAQ dynamics • Discuss possible approaches to improve IAQ Presenter Bio: Ernest R. (Chip) Blatchley III is the Lee A. Rieth Professor in Environmental Engineering at Purdue University, where he holds a joint faculty appointment in the Lyles School of Civil Engineering and the Division of Environmental & Ecological Engineering. He teaches and conducts research in the general area of physico/chemical processes of environmental engineering. Areas of emphasis in his group's research include photochemical (UV) reactors, disinfection processes, and advanced oxidation/reduction processes. His group has been active in investigations of swimming pool chemistry for roughly 15 years.