Spa Water Chemistry:  It’s Not Just a Little Pool

Spa Water Chemistry: It’s Not Just a Little Pool


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Date: August 21

Time: 12 Eastern time

Title: Spa Water Chemistry:  It’s Not Just a Little Pool


Speaker: Alicia Stephens


Course description: Presentation will focus on nuances of spa water chemistry, highlighting the differences in chemistry between spas and pools.  Topics of discussion will include the impact of aeration, volume, temperature, and bather load as well as the challenges associated with balancing in a hot water environment.  Recreational water illnesses common to spas will also be discussed, with a focus on how to prevent problems from occurring.


  • Learning  objectives:

1.  Identify differences in pool and spa chemistry and learn how to compensate for those differences in a spa.

2.  Learn the importance of water balance and how to manage the spa chemistry to protect bathers from illness and maximize efficiency.            

3.  Learn troubleshooting techniques for common spa problems


Speaker bio: Alicia Stephens is the Director of Training and Education for Biolab, Inc and leads all education and training initiatives for the Biolab Pro Dealer division.  As a 24-year veteran of the industry, Alicia started her career in technical and product support, and built on that experience to focus her efforts on the education and training of both internal and external employees.  You may have read one of the many articles Alicia has had published or attended one of her talks at an industry event.